Sunday, January 18, 2009

Distro#13 Topologilinux 7.0.1

Topologilinux lets you install alone with existing Windows, but you can also install as normal Linux installation. It's Slackware-based and for i486 only. I downloaded 7.0.1 DVD, which is released on 2009-01-10.

I booted it with install-real option. The instructions say that I need to do disk partitioning and the installation setup was mostly copied from Slackware 12.1. I fdisk /dev/hda, and create two partitions, root and swap, then run setup. The boot loader is LILO. The installation process is just like Distro#8 Slackware Linux 12.2, but I chose GNOME as default window manager this time.

After rebooted and logged in as root, I typed setup to configure, which leads to add new user and setup X, sound system.

After rebooted and logged in as normal user, I tried to set up PPPoE via Network, but I couldn't my setting didn't get saved. So, I used pppoe-setup. Now, I need to install official nVidia driver. I rebooted with runlevel 3 for installing the driver by typing Linux 3 in lilo. Since the kernel is not 2.6.27, which needs a patch, therefore it went smoothly.

The Mixer applet complains that it couldn't find the sound device, it's resolved by adding normal user to gropup audio. Adobe Flash wasn't installed by default, I downloaded and installed, then watched No Pants Subway Ride 2009.

I think this is it for all. It actually runs like Slackware, it is. As tradition, a screenshot:

You can be this is written and published on Topologilinux.

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