Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Distro#12 gOS 3.1 Gadgets (SP1)

I downloaded the gOS, it's an i686 architecture distribution based on Ubuntu. The “g” in gOS seems to stand for Good rather than Google, even though supporting Google Gadgets is the major feature of it.

The CD is a Live CD, and includes WINE 1.0. The application dock is wbar. Using Live environment is not the purpose of this project, so I clicked the Install icon on desktop. It took about 15 minutes to finish at this phase. Here is a unusual action after the installer finished its job. It logged out X, ejected the disc tray, and rebooted! Directly, automatically did. Usually, the instally would tell you the installation process is done, take the CD, and click on Reboot button. Well, this is not how gOS does.

Anyway, after the first-time reboot, the resolution is wrong as usual. Once again, I need to pkill NetworkManager in order to get connected via PPPoE. Somehow this NetworkManager has no PPPoE to set up, I can only rely on Network.

Now, the first system update needed to download 280 MB for 218 updates. They are too many to read them all, so I just clicked to install. While updating, I tried the Gmail, it uses Mozilla Prism. So do Google Calendar/Documents and YouTube.The rest of Google services use Firefox.

The boot time is around 42 seconds at the moment. After rebooted, NetworkManager didn't stop my way to the Internet and PPPoE has been connected in the boot-time, I suppose and it should. I installed nvidia-glx 96 series package, enabled the driver, and rebooted. Now I have correct screen resolution. It's time to explore this distribution.

Desktop Effects can't be enabled due to compliz isn't installed by default. After installed, I still can't get it enabled. Flash works out-of-the-box and this I just watched.

This distribution does work like a charm for me, though there are few problems need to get resolved. But it is good indeed. I don't know if that is Ubuntu does good or gOS does good. No matter which does, I recommended this distribution, especially to the Google addicted users.

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