Thursday, April 9, 2009

Distro#14 Linux Mint 6 Felicia Fluxbox CE

It has been about three month, I haven't not been trying any distribution. Now, I am back on track. Linux Mint 6 Felicia Fluxbox CE has just been released alongside KDE version, I decided to try Fluxbox because Fluxbox is relatively less seen than KDE. Just a sidenote, I am using Fluxbox on Fedora 10 and I am quite like it.

Linux Mint is Debian-based and compatible with Ubuntu packages. According, it's third popular distribution. This Fluxbox released is based on Xubuntu 8.10 Intrepid, Linux 2.6.27, Fluxbox 1.0.0 and Xorg 7.4

When you boot up the CD, the first choice is what type of LiveCD option you want to have:
  • Full desktop: 300MB RAM
  • Light session: 256MB RAM or 128MB & Swap
  • Installer only: 192MB RAM or 128MB & Swap
From the options, we can assume Felicia Fluxbox CE is suitable for old computers. After the desktop showing up, I got the restricted driver notification. It detected nVidia correctly and suggested the right driver version, 96 series driver. It needs to get online in order to download the driver. So I ran sudo /usr/sbin/pppoeconf to set up the PPPoE. However the route table isn't correct (I may miss some settings), so I ran the following commands to set the default via PPPoE:
sudo ip route show
sudo ip route delete default
sudo ip route add default via [correct_gateway_ip]

I activated the driver, but it needs to restart and I don't know if this LiveCD can resume the session. Therefore, I continue to install Mint into harddrive. The installation took less than 10 minutes.

After reboot, it went into problem, can't get X worked. The video driver is nvidia in xorg.conf, I changed it to nv. Using mintUpdate to do first system update. I then re-installed the driver and activated it. After rebooting (30 seconds boot time), I got the login screen and correct resolution and xcompmgr is loaded and working.

This Fluxbox version is pretty lightweight. So far, except the PPPoE and video driver, everything is work-out-of-box and neat. Color scheme and style are consistent.

Lastly the screenshot:

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