Thursday, December 25, 2008

Distro#11 ZevenOS 1.0

ZevenOS is a distribution from Germany. It gives you a BeOS interface and it's based on Ubuntu. I booted up the CD and installed it. The installation took about 10~15 minutes. It boots up in about 35 seconds.

So far, a small problem is I need to re-plug my USB after booting and another bigger problem  is that you can't unlock Network and the solution to change the settings. You must do manually in order to get updates and solve this issue.

So I set my laptop as gateway and upgraded these two policy packages (didn't help), then I did system update and installed nVidia driver. Enabled the driver and rebooted. I have correct screen resolution.

I think this is it, it's not worth continuing trying this distribution. The traditional ending,

Even though this is a little bit disappointing, I still wrote this and post this on ZevenOS.

  • 2009-01-03 Added the solution of unlocking problem. (Thanks, Leszek!)


  1. Look at this:

    Thats the solution for your "Unlock Problem"

  2. @Leszek thanks for the link, I have updated this post.


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